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Breast Augmentation- Know the risks you stand

Mar 12, 2018

Women opt for breast augmentation in order to get their bodies fixed. They are either unsatisfied with the way their breasts look or require a corrective procedure due to some medical condition.

Before undertaking the decision to have breast augmentation, women need to understand that it is a surgical procedure. That means you need to go under the knife. So you need to understand the risks involved in the surgery you are about to undertake. A good doctor may be your best security. So, for breast augmentation Utah, look for Dr. Trenton C Jones.

Let us take a look at the most common risks or complications that may arise from breast augmentation

1- Pain in the breasts
Sometimes patients develop pain in the breast after breast augmentation. Severe pain can even lead to the need for corrective surgery

2- Decreased sense in the nipples
Patients can also develop lack of sensitivity in one or both nipples after having an augmentation surgery.

3- Infection
Fever or inflammation may signal an infection post surgery, so patients need to be careful and watch out for redness or burning

4- Rupture of the implant
In some cases, the implants may rupture. This may also require corrective surgery. Ruptured breast implants may deform the look of the breast.

5- Fluid accumulation
Fluid accumulation is also a complication that may arise after breast augmentation. In rare cases, bleeding may also occur and medical assistance needs to be sought immediately.

6- Capsular Contracture
In some cases, the area around the implant can harden causing pain and distort the look of the implant.

7- Cost
Breast implant surgeries are costly and at an average cost $ 3822. Implant removal on the other hand costs around $2380. Implants last from about 7 to 12 years. So the cost of replacement also needs to be considered.

Studies have shown that about 46% of women need an additional surgery within 3 years of breast augmentation. Almost 50% of those who had cosmetic surgeries had some or the other complication. Women with breast implants also stand at a higher risk of developing breast cancer than other women.Sometimes toxins may also lead to neurological and memory problems. Keeping all these risks in mind, if you still have to go, choose a good surgeon for breast augmentation Utah.

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