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Centrophenoxine – A Real Brainpower Booster

Sep 8, 2018

Do you want the fresher, smarter and active brain? Do you want to prevent memory loss and age-induced dementia?

Then just read this article and look no further.

In 1959, medicine has made a major breakthrough and a compound was discovered that could subdue the degeneration of brain caused by the age. With the extensive research, the medical practitioners have found out that this drug is helpful for both senile and the young at heart. The compounds are assisting in improving the memory, cognitive functions and the learning process in the brain.

This drug is known as Centrophenoxine and it is the first few nootropics that can be introduced. It was widely used by the people who want to improve the boosting of brainpower. It is also used to keep the brain related diseases like seizures, dementia, ADHD and Alzheimer’s disease at bay.

What Centrophenoxine is all about?

Centrophenoxine is the drug, which is acting as the brain booster in the body; It is doing this by increasing the choline levels in the brain and inhibiting any form of brain damage which is occurring due to age.

boosting of brainpower

Centrophenoxine is the ester, which is produced by the chemical combination of two essential chemicals:

  • pCPA: Parachlophenoxyacetic acid is a type of auxin, a plant growth hormone that is accelerating the development and growth of a living thing
  • DMAE: Dimethylethanolamine is a form of ammonia, which is preventing the use of choline by peripheral tissues

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Does Centrophenoxine really work?

Yes, it is working. When we are ingesting the drug then it is breaking down into the liver in two essential compounds like amine DMAE, and auxin pCPA. After this, the blood is absorbing both the compounds and then entering into the brain and simulating its activity and degeneration.

How safe is Centrophenoxine?

Centrophenoxine 250mg is used for more than fifty years. In that time, it has been proved safer for users. It is said to be the tolerable drug for most healthy adults and the senile who are suffering from memory loss. The women who are pregnant and breastfeeding are advised not to ingest this drug. Taking Centrophenoxine in those cases will cause complications in the development of fetal.

It is recommended to others to take the regular dosage of Centrophenoxine between 250-1500 mg per day.

If this drug is overdose than it may cause various side effects.

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