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How to buy window coverings like a boss

Jan 6, 2019

Will you choose curtains or blinds? The goal is to have enough privacy and flattering decor at an affordable price. Here’s how to find the perfect window covering for each room. Click here for window coverings.

Types of window coverings

Curtains, draperies and window panels are aesthetically pleasing, while blinds and shutters are generally more functional and efficient. Visit this site for window coverings.

The amazingly beautiful Blinds

Vertical and horizontal vinyl blinds are classic window treatments in offices and business environments for their low-maintenance, simple-to-use utility qualities.

They are easily adapted for home use as an alternative to curtains and are suitable for most decorating styles when made of flexible materials in complementary colors.

Imitation wood blinds can add warmth to living rooms and family rooms.

Mini-blinds are a practical solution for bedroom windows and are adjustable to filter the light at any time of the day.

If you prefer energy-efficient products above all, consider honeycombed blinds, designed with air pockets that offer an extra insulating layer.

Curtains can be a good option

Curtain panels are often seen in more formal settings, as backgrounds for the period or classic furniture, and in crown moldings and other architectural details.

The curtains are often harmonized with curtains. The net curtains filter sunlight during the day, while the thicker curtains can be closed for privacy at night.

Eyelet curtains have replaced hook hangings in most contemporary products.

The infinite variety of fabrics, colors and curtain textures allow you to customize your window treatments to any style of decor, but curtains are more expensive than blinds.


You can go with Louvers

Many like the effect of these country style window trim with adjustable louvers (horizontal battens), often an alternative to vertical blinds.

The louvers have the advantage of opening by pivoting from hinges like cabinet doors, to let the light in completely, or to remain closed and to be adjusted like blinds.

Custom wood louvers for interior use are usually very expensive and the cost may increase depending on the type of wood and the type of finish.

Considerations When Buying Window Coverings

The room, the sunshine and the budget count for a lot in the choice of a window dressing.

Sunshine: Consider your needs for privacy and lighting control.

Climate: Fabric window coverings can provide an extra insulating layer.

Maintenance: Cleaning the curtains can be expensive, unlike blinds or shutters.

Resistance: The most affordable solutions are logical if you rent your home or if you intend to move.

Fashion: Neutral colors adapt easily to changes in your decor and trends.

Some Advice for you

-Bamboo blinds and roller blinds are affordable window dressing ideas for people on a budget.

-Always check the installation material for ease of installation and compatibility with window trim.

-Avoid curtains that fall to the ground and cords that are dangerous to children and pets.

-If windows are standard size, shop blinds ready to avoid additional expense.