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investor visa australia

Migrate To The Sunshine State Of Australia, Queensland Through 132 Visa And Investor Visa Australia

Nov 8, 2018

Australia is one of the best places to settle with. The country itself is so beautiful with wonder people living in it. Whoever visits the place will love to get settle down in that place. The climate, weather, geographical location, its history culture, tradition, everything holds a position to make this country a wonderful one. TheĀ 132 visa is a visa application provided by Australian embassy for those business people who would like to settle down in Australia along with their business. The eligibility criteria are very simple. All you need to have a business which may be new or an existing one in Queensland. It is not necessary to have entire business in Queensland. Only a major part of the business which maybe the management department can be relocated to this area to get permanent residence in Australia including the family members.

investor visa australia

All the business personalities will definitely like to establish their business all over the world. Hence this visa will provide way for establishing their business in Australia. It is the best place for doing business and their economy level is also higher. There is also one more provision to apply for Australia permanent residence which is called as the investor visa. TheĀ investor visa australia has certain eligibility criteria where one has been an investor in Australia for at least two years immediately before submitting the visa application in the past four years. The two years in these four years need not be a continuous one. Therefore get a permanent residence in a country where you would like to stay with your family along with your business.

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