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amazon suspension

The different types of Amazon Suspension

Dec 31, 2018

It is highly likely that you must have heard of account suspension, especially if you are a seller at Amazon. Account suspensions are common in Amazon. They happen when a particular seller receives a lot of negative feedbacks and complaints. In such situations, Amazon suspends the account of the seller until the seller could prove otherwise. However, you can recover it using the amazon suspension appeal. But there are different types of Amazon suspensions which you could be charge of. Some of them includes:

amazon suspensionUsed Sold as New Product Suspension

This type of suspension may be caused due to selling of used products by listing them as new products. In case of new items, they are unused, unopened and come with original packaging materials along with protective wrapping intact. While in case of used like new items, they are also unused and unopened but they do not have original protective wrapping without any signs or wear. These types of suspensions can be avoided by monitoring each product and matching them with Amazons Condition Guidelines. Any item or product s which fails to match the guidelines needs to be removed from the particular category.

It is important to check your inventory regularly so that all of your items matches Amazons Condition Guidelines. Generally, sellers who purchases products from a retail store or a website falls into trouble and it becomes difficult for them to prove the condition of the product.

Incomplete Product Suspension

Most of the sellers do not manufacture and are dependent on the distributors to provide them the complete products and items which they have listed on Amazon.  The catalog pages are not created by the seller and are created by some other seller or the brand owner. These brand owners might add certain additional items along with the products which the seller fails to notice. This result in providing the customer incomplete products, while the seller believes that they have provided the full items which is listed. Thus, it is extremely important to check out the product detail page and ensure that each product matches the item on the list of the Amazon catalog.

Since the majority of sellers don’t manufacture their own items, they rely on distributors to provide complete versions of the items they are listing on Amazon. What most sellers don’t realize is that catalog pages are mainly created by other sellers, or the brand owners themselves. Due to this, additional items may be included in the listings, but sellers don’t check these details for every item.


If you follow the rules of Amazon obediently, your account won’t be suspended.

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