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Ways to Gain Weight in a Healthy Way

Jul 7, 2017

The phrase “envious” is often used for people who need to gain weight. Most people that we see around us in the present times are on the other side of the scale, the ones that are more eager to lose weight than gain any.  However, it is quite a challenge to gain weight as well, especially for those who need the extra kilos or the ones who suffer from low BMI and need to maintain a healthy weight.

Gain Weight

 People may have various reasons to gain weight, like health problems, in order to overcome skinny genres, to be able to participate in fuelling sports, to building muscles, etc. However, if one really needs to gain weight, it’s always better to do it in a healthy way, rather than belly up and make it into an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Most people looking at weight gain do not realize this, but in cases like weight gain, along with calories, nutrients count too. Therefore, one should focus more on healthy food items, rather than going only by the calorie count. Although one can have a leeway with calories, good nutrition is still paramount.

People should know that it is extremely crucial to gain weight in the right way, and not just by indulging in fatty foods like chips, sweets, cakes or any other high calorie junk food. These food items tend to increase the body fat, rather than increasing the lean body mass. For a person looking to gain weight in a safe and healthy manner, the ultimate goal is to choose from food that is packed with vitamins, proteins, minerals, nutrients and calories so that each bite one takes is brimming with nutrition.

Regardless of the reason why one wants to gain weight, going the conventional way and eating three meals and snacks/ mini-meals each day is a more substantial way of packing all those extra calories throughout their day.  The ideal situation is where people get to have at least six meals a day (main meals and mini-meals/snack breaks), where every heavy meal should definitely contain the primary nutrients like starch, vegetables, protein and fat.

People who play sports and feel the commitment towards bulking up, need to add proper strength training in their daily routine, along with a diet of sufficient calories and proteins. This is supposed to be done to make sure that they gain weight only in the right places.

Athletes need to eat a protein rich snack such as a high-protein granola bar, low-fat chocolate milk, or a protein-shake immediately after weight training so that their muscles receive the necessary post-workout fuel. It is suggested that athletes need to snack on high-calorie and high-protein foods and beverages like salmon, peanut butter, protein-shake with a couple of scoops of whey, a banana smoothie, etc.

It is very necessary to live right and exercise well if one wants to gain weight. Sleeping for at least 7 hours a day is a complete necessary for all those people looking to gain weight in a healthy manner, since the body needs enough time for the muscles to grow. Also, daily exercising is a must because it helps in increasing the muscle mass and in the process, also shreds the unwanted fat.

Some of the exercises to target are:

  • Snatches
  • Presses (bench and overhead)
  • Pull-ups
  • Rows
  • Squats
  • Dead-lifts

Some of the food items one needs to target while looking at weight gain are:

  • Food stir-fried in healthy oil
  • Protein shakes
  • Fruit smoothies
  • Dairy products (if not high on cholesterol)
  • Potatoes
  • Fruits, vegetables, and plant fats (nuts, peanut butter, seeds, peanuts, almond butter, avocados, hummus, and oils)
  • Pizza cheese and sub sandwiches made with lean meat
  • Yoghurt

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